Welcome to Smart Recommendations

Shopify recomendation system, we use recommendations algorithms to best engage your shopify customers.


Smart Recommendation for Shopify.com brings uses algorithms that learn over time your user behaviour and what works. It will take a day or two, depending on amount of users comming to your site for you see Awesome Results.


Our template fully integrates with your shop look and feel. If you like, you can easliy change the look and feel of the recommendations template. If you need help email us and our technical team will contact you back and find the best way to help you.


This where we are very proud. The idea behind Smart Recommendation app for Shopify is that you don't have to do anything. The algorithm learns based on the users which items to recommend to your users. You can view the click rate in your analytics under Behaviour. You dont need use another analytics patform. Use the best one there is, Google Analytics.

About Us
  • More than 10 years of E-commerce expirence
  • We are developers with wide range of Know how
  • We host our APP on the Goolge Cloud Platform - we can hit any load to keep giving you the best recommendations

How to Install
Step 1
Add Smart Recommendation app to your shop in the Shopify Admin

Step 2
Go to your dashboard, Click on Themes, Go to Template Editor, Choose product.liquid
The best place to add the code depends on your particular theme, usually the last closing < /div > is a good place.

You can also customize your recommendations row with the CSS. If you need help send us an email.

Step 3
In the cart template page add:
Go to your dashboard, Click on Themes, Go to Template Editor, Choose cart.liquid

The same should be done on your Mobile Template


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Contact us any time. shopify@azachi.com

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The recommendation app that just works on Shopify and engages user with the best products. The products change over time based on availability, what customers find interesting and what they buy. It manages it self, thats why it is called smart recommendations.

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